Advanced Finance & Investment Group LLC (“AFIG Funds”) is a private equity fund management company founded in 2005 in Mauritius with branches in Dakar (Senegal), Johannesburg (South Africa), and Washington D.C. (United States).

AFIG Funds seeks to create a new paradigm for African private equity investing by mobilizing substantial local private capital alongside international private investors and development finance institutions in investment vehicles managed by experienced African private equity professionals with a heavy emphasis on value addition beyond financial contributions.

These professionals combine developed markets investment expertise with local insight and relationships which enable AFIG Funds to turn what have been traditionally considered hindrances to doing business in Africa into proprietary opportunities by devising innovative and simple solutions.

The AFIG Funds team is driven by a strong commitment to excellence, an ambition to lead in the Private Equity sector, and a commitment to ethical investing. By combining international best practices with its deep knowledge of the target region’s economic environment, the AFIG Funds team offers proven expertise in private equity in Africa to achieve superior returns for its investors.

AFIG Funds wishes to play its part in integrating the African continent in a virtuous circle leading to wealth creation for both its investors and the economies in which AFIG Funds participates. AFIG Funds is also committed to respecting internationally accepted environment, health, and social standards.

Through its investments and its value added role alongside its portfolio companies, AFIG Funds aims to be a leading partner for the development of the African private sector.

 What does the butterfly in our logo symbolize?  The butterfly is the Papilio Antimachus – the largest butterfly in Africa, the female of which is the only butterfly able to fly at heights above tree level. The image of the butterfly symbolizes the transformation from an embryonic state towards growth and fulfillment. Just as the butterfly carries pollen from one flower to another and in this manner enables the reproduction of plants, AFIG Funds seeks to contribute towards growth of companies in Africa by putting at their disposal tools to enable them to ensure their development and to guarantee their sustainability