The Advisory Board (or the “Board”) of AFIG Funds is a non-executive structure put in place by the AFIG Funds team to strengthen its governance structure. The AFIG Funds principals’ awareness of the importance of transparency and probity in securing the success of any investment fund led to the decision to seek the assistance of an international group of advisors whose wealth of experience inside and outside Africa, integrity and pursuit of excellence could guide the AFIG Funds team in its private equity activities and beyond. Advisory Board members were selected based on their vast experience and success in their respective areas of endeavor. They also have strong networks that complement each other and interconnect seamlessly, enabling them to operate fluidly across the global business environment. The Board’s activities will be funded by AFIG Funds and the Board will have the following responsibilities :

  • Advise and support AFIG Funds in its investment activities.
  • Guide the AFIG Funds team on the path towards creating a world class African financial institution, with a reputation for professional competence, leadership and adherence to best practice corporate governance.
  • Establish strong relationships for AFIG Funds with key African institutions such as the African Union, NEPAD, ECOWAS, UEMOA, CEMAC, BEAC, BCEAO and CIMA.

The Advisory Board will meet roughly every 9 months to review AFIG Funds’ strategy and its implementation. The Board will also review the progress of the Atlantic Coast Regional Fund (“ACRF”). Consultations with the Board will be solely for the benefit of AFIG Funds and its professionals.