During the Intership…

An opportunity to strengthen our knowledge and sharing in a very open environment
It is within a dynamic team that we started this internship is a real springboard to identify and understand activities of an investment company such as AFIG Funds. We rub here professionals with interesting careers and a lot of knowledge to share. The other major advantage is the current use of English and the integration in a multicultural group from different backgrounds. It should be added that beyond these aspects, team spirit reigns here. These 4 months within AFIG Funds appear to be the beginning of a learning program very promising.
Aminata DRAME, intern at AFIG Funds, master in Banking at Institut Supérieur de Management

AFIG Funds, a perfect environment for an optimal development
Intern for just one month, I discovered a bilingual space in which a highly motivated team already establishes and reinforces “Private Equity” practices in Africa. Here, the pace of work is faster; adaptation is the result of his efforts. The tasks are varied and sharpened my curiosity. From monitoring of stock exchanges, to modeling in Excel.
Valentin Mbella DIKONGUE, Student in Banking and Financial Engineering at Institut Africain de Management IAM Dakar.

Participate in the dynamics of Capital-Investment in Africa
The vision supported by AFIG Funds management is a major innovation in the African financial system. This paradigm of corporate finance is a financial instrument that was sorely lacking in Africa. Having the privilege to take part in this movement will contribute greatly to my financial specialization in finance markets. As we are learning with the best, we become more efficient.
Zamtato A. GANE -BANG, AFIG Funds Intern,Mmaster in Finance at Institut Supérieur de Management, ISM Dakar.

A personal and professional experience like no other
During these four (4) months spent at AFIG Funds in the annual program of Training, I had the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired during my previous four years of training in finance. This experience is all the more rich that it allows me to continue my English training and be in constant touch with a bilingual and multicultural team; available and very open person. During my training, I have done three internships and I confess that my experience at AFIG Funds is far more interesting. In a word, I can simply say Afig Funds is really the place to be.
Ismaila Aidara, Master student in Bank and Financial Engineering at “Institut Africain de Management’’.

After the Intership…

This internship was an opportunity for me to develop my skills through various tasks which were entrusted to me
This immersion in the world of Private Equity has allowed me to familiarize myself with new concepts and deepen my knowledge. This experience incommensurate with my previous internship is for me a solid background and a tremendous asset in my professional life.
The international dimension of a company like AFIG Funds was a real added value to the extent that we had to follow the evolution of African financial markets but also to collect information on various sectors in many countries covered by ACRF. Beyond the practical implementation of theories learned in training, that one-year internship allowed me to participate in the life of a company and gave me the opportunity to test my capacities of organization and teamwork.
Finally, the training provided within AFIG allowed me to understand the mechanism of an investment fund but also to develop an expertise in financial analysis and business valuation, essential tools for the managements of companies.
I really enjoyed working with AFIG’s team. Their teaching, patience and availability have been very valuable for me. Their suggestions, recommendations and constructive criticism helped me to learn and absorb quickly throughout the internship.
Thierry Ekwalla, EPM Consultant – Rapid Performance LLC

My internship at AFIG Funds was sometimes challenging, but full of surprises and opportunities.
I sought an internship for a long time. I submitted my application in several companies making me or by applying online via the Internet. I also submitted my records when recruiting made directly to the school by some companies. Thus only started my adventure with the Advanced Finance & Investment Group (AFIG).
I had never heard about and they wanted to take over CV! I attended the presentation that made me discover the “private equity”, a concept which was totally unknown to me before. I loved it and I really wanted to know more, because I thought it corresponded in many points with the vision I had for my future career. Therefore, my goal was not only to have an internship, but also to integrate the business to learn and understand this concept in practice. My goal was achieved because, after a period which seemed to me interminable, I was finally successful.
I quickly felt integrated. I immediately had to perform different tasks as enriching. Because of its activity, AFIG Funds is facing many sectors. This allowed me to learn concepts related to many of them and even to apply them. I improved my knowledge of English and I could apply my academic skills and more easily discern the usefulness of concepts learned and their interactions. Research work allowed me to develop many skills, and to manage my time.
In addition, the work environment was favourable for personal development for sure. The AFIG Funds’ team is fully bilingual and its members do not hesitate to direct you, spontaneously and accurately. I quickly could acquire and develop professional skills, social and even managerial and organizational skills in a multicultural environment. I felt a real pleasure to work with a dynamic team, polyvalent and confident that pushes you to give the best of yourself without constraints.
My internship in AFIG Funds was really enriching and exciting. It enabled me to better understand my expectations for the professional field where I want to evolve but also on my personal abilities work.
Cindy DOSSOU, Second promotion AFIG Learning Programme (2010-2011), Student Master 2, Financial Engineering at the Higher Institute of Management (ISM), Dakar.

Learn from a team that supports you and gives you all the confidence
Student in Master in Finance, I joined Advanced Finance and Investment Group (“AFIG”), as part of an internship under agreement in partnership with the Institut Supérieur de Management de Dakar. This past year within AFIG Funds was for me a great opportunity to work in a bilingual and multicultural environment in which I had the opportunity to learn from experienced and polyvalent of the world of finance. Training received during the course was an essential complement to my training. On a personal level, I remember most a strong sense of belonging to a cohesive team and highly motivated who welcomed me with open arms, accompanied me and gave his full confidence in this year.
Jucelinelcia Fernandes

My time at AFIG Funds allowed me to discover the profession of capital investment and acquire practical and technical knowledge necessary for the finance profession
I would like first to express my sincere greetings and thanks all AFIG Funds staff for the fourteen (14) months I have spent at their side. Holder of a Master in Finance achieved in 2010 at “Institut Supérieur de Management” I did an internship in AFIG Funds from March 2009 to May 2010.
From the beginning of my internship, I was marked by the welcome I have received and my quick integration into the company. In fact, I attended all the important meetings, whether for fundraising with funders or the financing of companies. The team, despite their workload, was always willing to listen to me and give me all the advice I needed in the context of tasks that were assigned to me.
On the technical level, I had the opportunity to put into practice the theory that I was taught at school under the supervision of highly experienced professionals, who have proven in major international financial institutions. More specifically, under the direct supervision of responsible investment, Ms. Kamara Lalya, I learned to analyze business plans, market research, business valuation…
My time at AFIG was actually highly rewarding for me as on the social than the professional level.
Ibrahima Rock Drabo, Student in English, Ghana